Best Teacher Appreciation Gift

The #1 Winner: The Best Teacher Appreciation Gift

As a busy mom, you want to show appreciation for the teachers in your child’s life by giving a teacher appreciation gift. Unfortunately, with all the other tasks on your plate, time is scarce to write a note and give a gift that truly expresses how much your teacher is appreciated.

That’s why The Appreciation Company exists—we make the teacher appreciation gift meaningful!

We know how important it is to convey the right message through personalization.

What is the most personalized thing you can do that, amazingly, is what teachers specifically tell us is most impactful based on our research?

Personal, written notes. And even better – letters from all the students.

There is nothing more personal than that. This is why The Appreciation Company exists: we do one thing and one thing: making it easy and meaningful to organize and deliver group gifts to teachers. 

Our Appreciations are albums that include personalized notes from students (with the help of the parents) reflecting their impact and the option to provide a gift balance the teacher uses on items they want. Please find out how The Appreciation Company is changing up teacher appreciation gifting and discover what makes us different!

Digital Group Gifts are the Best Teacher Appreciation Gift

Digital group gifts are the perfect way to show your appreciation for teachers. Why?

They allow parents to come together and create something unique that reflects a teacher’s impact on their children. With digital group gifts, it’s easier than ever to give something more meaningful AND more personalized that teachers will truly appreciate compared to another teacher appreciation gift.

Why is this so important today?

My mom taught for 35 years. What inspired her more than anything was the possibility of making a lasting impact on the students’ lives. So when my mom received messages and notes from her students and her student’s parents, her batteries got recharged. These messages acted like deposits in a bank of goodwill.

The opposite was also true. We had a cupboard of teacher-themed and apple-themed mugs (the fruit, not the company) that served as a collection of gifts. Gifts that mom never used or wanted. Even worse, she felt guilty donating them when it came time to declutter. 

I remember hearing her express frustration with these mixed emotions. These were items intended to make her feel good about her work that instead manifested negative emotions. 

She became conscious of the expense and waste of it all over the years. She worked to support two growing boys. What my mother needed on her inadequate teacher’s salary were words of encouragement, support from the school administration, and money in the bank to put food on the table.

Today, in a post-COVID world, more and more of our teachers are struggling with burnout. A staggering 55% of teachers are considering leaving the profession earlier than planned. Teachers say they need more support and better pay. 

Our Mission: Easy and Effective

Therefore, our mission at The Appreciation Company is to make group gifting easy and effective for the teacher, the organizer, and other busy parents to want to make a difference in a meaningful way for the teacher. In addition, we make it simple for busy moms with school-aged children who don’t have time to coordinate physical meetings or collect money from other parents involved in the gift-giving process – we do all this for you.

With digital group gifting platforms like The Appreciation Company, it’s easy to organize a gift for any occasion quickly and conveniently from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection. In less time than it takes to get a cup of coffee, you can organize a profoundly impactful group gift for your teacher and show them how much they are appreciated.

The Appreciation Company offers several features that make organizing digital group gifts easier.

  1. Our user-friendly interface allows a busy parent to organize an Appreciation in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee. 2 to 3 minutes is all it takes.
  2. We provide instant templates for Text Messages and email so you can invite other parents to contribute from your phone or computer. Modify the made-for-you message as you see fit in your messenger or email and add contacts from your contact list.
  3. We help you with reminders and delivery. The Appreciation Company will send you prompts and instructions to remind contributors and notify the recipient that they have an Appreciation Album waiting. 

We’ve made it easy for you to give the #1 teacher appreciation gift that matches what teachers have told us they want. 

Key Takeaway:  It only takes 3 to 5 minutes to impact a teachers life by organizing a digital group gift.

More More Hassles: Making Group Gifts Easy

You might be reluctant to take on a group gift as a teacher appreciation gift. There are certainly easier things to do. However, this reluctance is precisely why our capabilities at The Appreciation Company focus on removing the hassles that frustrated us when we organize teacher appreciation gifts for our four children’s classrooms. 

What are the most significant sources of hassle and reluctance?

  • Sending the initial email – what do I write? What if I miss something?
  • Reminders – ugh!
  • Collecting money
  • Choosing the right ‘best’ gift
  • Buying a gift
  • Writing a card
  • Delivering the gift

A digital solution address all of this!

Our platform simplifies every step in organizing group gifts for teachers by providing an easy-to-use interface where you can use our templates to invite other parents as contributors, track how many parents contributed, and receive reminders. Everything is automatic; you don’t have to worry about collecting money or finding out who contributed what amount. YES!!! 

Finally, a Digital Solution for Teacher Appreciation Gifts!

Our online service allows other parents to quickly contribute to a gift balance that the teacher can later redeem for what they WANT. But, most importantly, parents write a deeply personal note expressing their gratitude and telling the teacher about her impact on their students.

All of this is delivered directly to the teacher through our service. The balance is converted into eGift Cards of the teacher’s choice so they can use them as soon as possible. Plus, and maybe most important, we provide an album of personal notes from all contributors, which are like a bank of goodwill that the teacher can enjoy reading now and again in the future.

We understand how difficult it can be for busy parents as founders with four children, including boy/girl twins. So look, we get it. And like you, we don’t have time to organize something like this, so we built this service.

The Appreciation Company makes group gifts easier by taking the hassle out of organizing, purchasing, and delivering them. Our unique approach to teacher appreciation gifts sets us apart from other services.

Key Takeaway: The Appreciation Company makes it easy for busy moms to show appreciation towards their child’s teachers. Our online service simplifies every step of the process and you don’t have to worry about collecting money or finding out who contributed what – we do all this automatically.

What Makes The Appreciation Company Different?

The Appreciation Company is different from other gift-giving services because we focus on creating meaningful group gifts that genuinely show teachers how much they are appreciated. Our research into teacher appreciation has shown us that generic, cheap, or non-relevant ‘things’ doesn’t cut it when showing gratitude and respect for educators.

Instead of giving a physical item, we help parents organize group gifts in the form of personalized notes of gratitude from students and their families. Included is a balance for the teacher to convert into eGift Cards to meet any financial needs the teachers may have. A January 2022 study from National Education Association shows that ‘burnout’ is a “very serious issue” for 67% of teachers – so providing them with something tangible to show your appreciation can go a long way towards helping them feel valued and supported.

At The Appreciation Company, we understand how busy life can be for parents with school-age children – which is why our turnkey online service makes organizing group gifts more meaningful and easy.

Let’s get started.

How Can I Get Started on the best Teacher Appreciation Gift?

With just a few clicks, busy moms can coordinate with other parents in their child’s class or team and create the perfect gift for their teacher.

Getting started is straightforward. Visit our website and sign up for a free account. Once registered, you create your first Appreciation and invite other parents from your child’s class. You can even add non-parent contributors if needed.

Key Takeaway: The Appreciation Company makes it easy to show appreciation to teachers with our online group-gift service. Our platform eliminates the hassle of group gifting by including reminders and generating a template invite to other parents.


A teacher appreciation gift is a great way to show your gratitude for teachers’ hard work and dedication. With The Appreciation Company, you can easily organize group gifts to make your child’s teacher feel genuinely appreciated in a significant and memorable way. Our digital platform takes away the hassle of organizing. You, as the organizer, don’t have to collect contributions from parents. Instead, we provide a template for emails or text messages and send reminders about contributing and notifying the teacher as a recipient of an Appreciation Album. Show your teachers how much they mean to you with a thoughtful group gift from The Appreciation Company!

Show your appreciation for all the hard work teachers do with a unique group gift from The Appreciation Company. Our online service makes it easy to organize teacher appreciation gifts showing how much you care. So don’t wait – let us help you express gratitude and make this teacher’s day special!

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