How It Works for

Recipients of Gifts with Impact

If you’re reading this, you’ve done something amazing for someone—more likely a whole bunch of someones. Those individuals felt so much gratitude towards you, they wanted to act on it by giving you gifts with impact. Now they’ve expressed that gratitude in the form of Appreciation.

Thank you for all you do! It’s time to receive your Appreciation.

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Opening an Appreciation Album & Redeeming your Appreciation Balance

There are two parts to this gift that was sent to you:

Part — 01


Each Album represents one Appreciation where multiple people or groups contributed.

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Part — 02

Redeemable Balance

The total balance of contributions from each of your Appreciations, which you can redeem for eGift cards from your favorite brands.

How to View Your Albums & Redeem Your Balance

Video Walkthrough

You’ve Been Appreciated Via Gifts With Impact

Likely, you received an email, a text message, or a card letting you know that you’ve been appreciated. Be sure to use the exact email address provided. This is because we “bind” your email address to your profile to link you to your albums and balance. 

You've been appreciated message

Logging In

If you have already signed up to The Appreciation Company, go ahead and log in. Otherwise, please sign-up now to access your Appreciation Albums and Balance.

Your Dashboard

After you log into The Appreciation Company, you’ll see your dashboard with three key areas:

  1. Your Profile: Below, my profile is already filled in. 
  2. Your Appreciation Activity: This includes your associated Appreciations. I have one for coaching soccer. The team was called the Blue Thunder because our uniforms are blue and it rains (a lot) here in Seattle. 
  3. Your Balance: Yippee! I get to convert that $75 into something amazing.

Your profile is likely blank to start. You can click to upload a photo and also fill in details about yourself such as your birth month and day (we don’t store your birth year because no one really needs to know how old you are, right? Right).

This profile is visible to your “network” as it grows. Our customers have told us they want to know birthdates, favorite drinks, favorite flowers, and hobbies so they can get to know their community better and appreciate others in a timely and personalized manner both using this service and in the real world. 

Your Appreciation Activity

The Appreciation Activity Table is where you will find your gift (or gifts, if you’ve been the recipient of multiple Appreciations). 

We call the contents of these gifts “Albums” because many people can show their appreciation in the form of personalized notes and contribute to your balance. All the different contributions are collected in an Album for each Appreciation.

In the example below, I have a single note from a contributor, and I can see the total balance from all contributors. 

Note: We don’t show the individual contribution to your balance by family. Our customers have asked that we don’t share this and we respect those wishes. 

You can access your albums at any time. Imagine a day when your profile has dozens of albums you’ve received over the years. That’s a powerful representation of your impact on people’s lives.

Appreciation Activity

Redeeming Your Balance

You redeem your balance as one or more eGift cards. We use this approach because eGift cards are friendly to you and the environment. Our customers tell us they want to choose what to do with their Appreciation Balance—this is the place to do this. 


Note: Each company has minimum amounts they’ll issue for eGift cards. We apologize in advance if a merchant you want to redeem from has a minimum above your balance amount. When this happens, please select another merchant with a lower minimum.


In this example, I selected Instacart. You’ll see that after redeeming $45 of my $75 balance, my new balance will be $30. 


After you click Redeem, you’ll see a confirmation screen. We work hard to process your eGift cards as quickly as possible. Please allow 24–48 hours for delivery of your eGift card to the email address you used to log in. Most eGift cards come directly from the merchant you selected. In certain cases eGift cards will arrive from a reputable processor such as Keep an eye out over the next 24–48 hours. 

If you need immediate action, use the Contact Us form on the homepage to let us know you’re in a hurry and we’ll do our best.

You have redeemed a gift card!

Back in your Dashboard, the new balance will reflect the redemption of the eGift card.


You Deserve Appreciation

Thank you again for being amazing and doing what you do to evoke the emotions of gratitude in others. The world is both a better and happier place because of you and what you do.