Staff and Teacher Appreciation – Authentic, Simplified, Consistent

A teacher’s best gift ever: the feeling of making an impact.

Give your staff the gift of appreciation from the people they impact the most: the parents and students. But, this time, do it without the hassle.


With our elegant digital staff and teacher appreciation service.

Staff appreciation and teacher appreciation done right!

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Teacher Appreciation with School Logos

End-of-year thank-you?
Teacher appreciation week?

How about year-round appreciation?


We know first-hand that coordinating staff appreciation, like Teacher Appreciation Week, is a challenge.  You might have to help organize and oversee parent committees that handle the effort or wrangle support from reluctant volunteers. You might be a school principal having to organize the appreciation for your staff which can feel ethically ambiguous at best or awkward.

Overwhelmingly, this can feel like a second full-time job, even when you do have the right help. 

And that’s why we’re here—to simplify and streamline teacher and staff appreciation so your students’ parents can express gratitude wholeheartedly, with no frustration or stress behind-the-scenes.

you nailed staff and teacher appreciation with The Appreciation Company
staff and teacher appreciation is frustration free with The Appreciation Company

Imagine year-round frustration-free Teacher Appreciation, where you:

  • Know your major recognition and gifts are automated. Set-up, then send reminders
  • CONSISTENTLY recognize ALL of your staff and teachers
  • Don’t worry about late contributions and gifts
  • Free up your team’s time to focus on higher-value activities
  • Have confidence our made-for-you service has it handled

Here’s Just Some of What We Handle for You:

  • All the organizing of group gifting
  • Digital reminders and follow-ups
  • Last-minute or after-the-deadline contributions and gifts
  • Parent engagement across all classrooms
  • The creation of Appreciation Albums for your teachers and staff
staff and teacher appreciation is balanced.

Organizing an Appreciation for schools is FREE.

It only takes a few minutes to get started, and we manage the process from there.

Staff and Teacher Appreciation in Action
(What We’ve Learned):


It’s not uncommon to raise $500, $750, or more per classroom during Teacher Appreciation Week.


Parents love using our platform to appreciate your staff. Household participation averages above 50% for schools. For example, If you have 25 students in your classroom, you can expect between 9 and 18 families to participate. 


Teachers LOVE their Appreciation Albums. They also love the choice of redeeming eGift cards of their choice. They tell us clearly: I don’t want another scented candle or apple-themed coffee mug.

This was such a great experience ♥️

Tami Suryee

Ooh this is amazing! Thank you! You guys are so generous! It was my pleasure coaching, honestly.

Coach Beazer

Wow, you guys are so organized!

Jayme Stahl

Thank you Neil and Rebekah for the amazing service and being so thoughtful about the Teachers. You guys are awesome!

Mrs. Sai

Using The Appreciation Company is so awesome, we love it!

Ms. Trillo

This is Genius!

Zeke Fricke

I’ve worked my whole long career supporting PTSAs and have always wanted a solution like this.

Jacqueline from Lakeview Montessori speaks about her experience as a recipient of appreciation from the parents of the children that attend the school.
Jayme Stahl, Director of Lakeview Montessori speaks about her experience working with The Appreciation Company.

Why Use The Appreciation Company for Your School?

Save Time

It can take hours to write the emails, send reminders, collect amounts per teacher or classroom, purchase gifts, and write cards. We have demonstrated what used to take 5 hours now takes about 5 minutes. It is an unbelievable 98% time savings. 

Eliminate Frustration

Email reminders, reconciling dollar amounts per parent giving, taking contributions – these are just a few of the frustrations we eliminate. 

Keep Data Secure and Stay Accountable

Gone are the days of relying on a room parent to send a group email, collect cash from dozens of parents, and deposit money in their personal bank account. Instead, everything is secure and tracked digitally.

Appreciate the Entire Staff

Recognize and appreciate ALL of your hard-working staff, not just teachers.

Keep Individual Gift Amounts Private

We eliminate the awkwardness of one organizing parent knowing how much or how little other parents give.

Stay Organized

We’ll manage the reminders leading up to and after the Appreciation has passed. For the 10% of contributors who just aren’t timely, you have the option to show appreciation even after the Appreciation date.

dove of hope gifting appreciation

Activate Parents’ Gratitude, Build Connections, and Appreciate Your School Staff.

Our digital appreciations make it simple. Get started organizing your teacher appreciation to see just how easy it is.