Easily Organize the Perfect Group Gift in 5 Minutes & Look Like a Hero

Gift-giving shouldn’t be a chore for busy moms. And appreciating teachers, coaches, and instructors shouldn’t feel like another full-time job that includes sending emails and reminders and overseeing collecting funds. That’s far too tiring. You already do that for… how many kids (and your husband/partner, *ahem*)? But somebody needs to get it done–we get it. We are get-it-done people, too. And Fast!

That’s why we created a way for you to be a hero in your community by joining a movement of busy moms that have unlocked this transformation in the group-gift-giving experience. What used to be hours of frustration now only takes a few easy minutes.

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busy moms can organize group gifts and teacher appreciation with The Appreciation Company because we are 100% digital.

Organize Group Gifts in a New, Simple, Seamless Way

As a busy mom, you know time is far more valuable than money – even when money isn’t tight, you’ll never get your time and sanity back. Spending countless hours organizing a group gift for your child’s classroom teacher or coach is a huge drain on your limited resources during the busiest times of the year. But of course, you really want to show your appreciation for the people who’ve made a difference in your kid’s life. We have the solution.

Stop the Chore that Gift-Giving Shouldn’t Be 

You don’t need another thing on your to-do list. Organizing a group gift for a teacher or coach, including sending reminders, collecting funds, and giving the actual gift used to be a daunting task until we made it simple. It is now so simple that you can set up a group gift for a teacher, coach, anyone, within minutes. You’ll be a hero to the other parents, and everyone can leave a personal message for the recipient. We even provide you with template emails and text messages to send out.

busy moms can organize teacher and coach gifts in a stress free manner because The Appreciation Company is easy to use.
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Give The Perfect Gift:
Let the Recipients Choose

If you had to decide, pick one that makes you feel worse:

  • Getting a gift you dislike/don’t need?
  • Or, giving a gift to a person you don’t know all that well and therefore don’t know how it will be received?

We know that choosing a gift that has meaning for the recipient is incredibly difficult. Your child’s teacher or coach doesn’t need another coffee mug or a scented candle. What they really need is a gift of their own choosing. The perfect solution? The ability to choose gift cards they can really use. This lets them buy something they really need or, better yet, something they really want.

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busy moms know The Appreciation Company is the best gift ever

Gifts That are Memorable Must Be Meaningful

When you set up a group gift, everyone can leave a personal message and photos for the recipient. Even when the gift card has been spent, the teacher or coach will still have the personal notes and pictures your group has collected in a digital album for them on our platform, available for access at any time. Those memories of making a difference in children’s lives will be more precious to them than any mug or candle, and be available for perpetuity as a reminder the coach or teacher investing in the child’s life can look back on anytime.

Be a Hero in Your Community Without Adding Another Full-Time Job for Busy Moms

You’re a hero in this process, too, because you’re helping other busy moms do the good they want to do. The parents you invite to the group gift know and appreciate what the teacher or coach has done for their child. 

Accomplish the outcome without the busy work and nagging. Succeed where others have failed or didn’t even try. We are here to rebalance the scales with how gift-giving should be. 

Mom… it’s time to take a deep breath, relax, and be that hero to your community without chalking up hours of your already-crammed life just to get it done. 

Organizing a gift has never been so easy and rewarding. You can do this!

We’re here to take the stress off of you when it comes to corralling all those parents to contribute to gifts for teachers, coaches, and the other deserving people in your child’s life.

Thank you for organizing with The Appreciation Company