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Individual Organizers

Organizing a new Appreciation takes 3-5 minutes—less time than ordering a cup of coffee. It’s the easiest way to take a group gift approach for people who serve our community (like a sports team, a classroom, or an organization) to show their gratitude to the everyday heroes who make life better.

There’s no feeling in this world on the same level as acting on gratitude and showing appreciation. And anyone will tell you how amazing it feels to be appreciated.

So let’s make it happen. Here’s how to organize your Appreciation in 3 easy action steps.

group gift approach for individual organizers

How to Organize an Appreciation in 3 Easy Steps

Let's get started with a group gift approach

Step — 01

Name Your Appreciation & Set a Date

Step — 02

Add a Recipient

Invite other contributors to a group gift approach

Step — 03

Invite Contributors

Video Walkthrough

Step — 01

Name Your Appreciation & Set a Date

First, make sure you’re logged in to The Appreciation Company. Then, click the “+” at the top of the “Your Events” table.

Name your appreciation

Next, pick a name that is easy for contributors to identify with. For example, include the name of the coach and team, or the name of the teacher and school.

The date is a reminder of when you want the recipient to be notified they have an Appreciation waiting.

Note: The name of the Appreciation and date can be used in a text or email template generated in step 3.

Add details for the event for a group gift approach

Step — 02

Add the Recipient

Now it’s time to add your Appreciation recipient.

You have two choices:

  1. Add someone already in your Appreciation community (from past appreciations you have organized or contributed to).
  2. Add someone new to your community.
Who are you appreciating with this group gift approach?

Once you’ve added your recipient, verify your details and click “Start Event.”

Verify the details of your group gift approach and click Start Event

Step — 03

Invite Contributors

You have three convenient options to invite contributors from your contacts list based on your preference:

  1. SMS template: Best used if you created your new Appreciation from your mobile device.
  2. Email template: Great for using when you organize Appreciations from your desktop.
  3. Link: There is a convenient copy link on each template. You can copy and paste this link onto any communication medium you wish, like Facebook or another social media platform.

We recommend reviewing and editing the SMS or Email before clicking send.

Invite contributors via SMS
Invite contributors via email

Ready to organize your first Appreciation with our group gift approach?

The Appreciation you just created is ready for contributors immediately. For example, you can create an Appreciation on the sideline of the final game of the season and the other player’s parents can contribute and leave personal notes for coach before final whistle sounds. We promise you’ll want to do a happy dance once it’s done.

Add their name here for a group gift approach

Extra Tips for Success with Your Appreciation

We recommend reminding the contributors a few days before, the day of, and perhaps even a day after the Appreciation.

Even if individuals are past the Appreciation date, they can still contribute to an Appreciation.

Don’t forget to set a reminder and let your recipient know they have an appreciation waiting for them. All they have to do is sign up and log in using the email address you set in Step 1. 

The Appreciation Company is a better group gift approach

Turn Your Appreciation into a Feel-Good Experience for Everyone

It’s simple to act on gratitude—we are here to help. Organize a group Appreciation for your team, classroom, or organization, and let the good feelings flow.