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Group Gift Contribution

If you’re here, you’ve probably been invited to contribute to an Appreciation. Awesome!

This is your opportunity to take the gratitude you feel towards someone and turn it into positive action. The appreciation you show your teachers, coaches, instructors, leaders, and service workers won’t go unnoticed. After all, we believe:

Feeling Gratitude → Expressing Appreciation → Increases Happiness

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How to Contribute to an Appreciation in 2 Easy Steps

group gift contribution with a shout-out of appreciation

Step — 01


group gift contribution checkout right from your mobile device

Step — 02


Video Walkthrough

Step — 01

Appreciate (Make Your Group Gift Contribution)

If you already have an account and login at The Appreciation Company, click “Already have an Account?”

Otherwise, select “Let’s Get Started” to register. Watch for an email (and check your spam folder) for a verification email to complete your registration.

You have been invited

Once you’re logged in, under “Your Events”, you’ll see one or more events where you can express your Appreciation. Click the “Appreciate!” button for the event you’d like to contribute to.

Your events

On the Appreciate screen, you’ll have three fields per person to to complete:

  1. The Appreciation Amount in whole dollars
  2. A personal note, up to 1,000 characters.
  3. Who you want the note to appear from. For example, the whole family, your student, or your player.

Note: The Appreciation company applies a handling fee of $1.49 to cover costs of the platform. In addition, we include the card processing costs so the recipient(s) of the Appreciation receive the whole amount you are gifting..

Appreciation screen

Step — 02

Checkout (Pay For Your Group Gift Contribution)

Proceed to, and complete your secure checkout.

That’s it! This whole experience should only take a minute or two. You’ll receive a receipt within minutes.

Now that you’ve contributed the good feelings of gratitude and appreciation, maybe you want to keep it going.


Start Your Own Appreciation

Keep the gratitude flowing and organize the perfect group gift in 3–5 minutes. After you register, you’ll be able to set up an Appreciation, add a recipient, and invite contributors with a few clicks. Plus, organizing your group gift is always free.

group gift contribution - lets get started