The Only Swim Coach Gifts Worth Giving

Chances are, you are looking for swim coach gifts – likely you got here from a Google search. 

My daughter is a swim instructor, and I coach other sports like soccer. 

I’ve interviewed hundreds of coaches in my line of work. Here are the insights:

Here is scoop #1 on swim coach gifts – most of your coaches don’t NEED anything. Not really. 

We don’t need a bag, a coffee mug, home decor, clipboards, towels, water bottles, travel mugs, coffee mugs, swim caps, goggles, etc. 

They already have all the necessary gear if they’ve been coaching for a season or two. 

Here is scoop #2 on swim coach gifts – Tell us “thank you” in a heartfelt note, and if you are shopping for something, give us a BALANCE to a gift card of our choice. 

Got it? Got it! Now, about that note and balance.

Thank you notes from the perspective of the person in the pool

The best is a note from your learner (child). Your child is the one in the pool with whom we connected most. Let their personality and light shine through. 

What my daughter, myself, and anyone who coaches or is a swim instructor love, more than anything, is the perspective from the pool. We want to hear from the person we coach (usually with the help from parents)

Please, tell us what your swimmer learned this season! 

We want to hear about his favorite experience. Tell us about the fun she had and the confidence she gained. Tell us how a transformation such as: “At the beginning of the swim season, he didn’t want to come to class, and by the end, we couldn’t keep him out of the water.” 

Why is this important: 

A message like this is essential because we don’t get paid much (some of us are volunteers). 

KEY: All we really want to know is that what we do impacts the lives of the children we teach. 

One reason we teach is to prevent children from drowning.   Drowning is the #1 cause of death in children ages 1 to 4 and the #2 cause of death in children ages 5 – 14 in the United States. Additionally, there are 8,000 non-fatal drowings a year, many of which require a visit to the ER or hospitalization, according to drowning data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The number of deaths surges each July with increased activities around water during warm summer weather. 

Now, about that gift balance thing…

Please give us a BALANCE to a gift card of our choice. 

The data is in: coaches want to choose their gift. 

If you talk to 100 coaches about what they want as a gift, you’ll get 100 different answers. 

Everyone has different needs, wants, concerns, and preferences. 

We interviewed hundreds of coaches and teachers. Everybody says the same thing:

  1. They love being recognized with a personal note in writing (digital or paper notes) with a message about how they made a unique impact, AND
  2. They would love to choose their gift.

Combined, this is the most impactful and meaningful swim coach gift you can give. 

Knowing her efforts had a purpose, she loves seeing and feeling your appreciation. LOVES.

Okay – This sounds great. How do I do this?

The Appreciation Company is a one-stop shop for both:

  1. Writing a note
  2. Gifting to a BALANCE that the coach then converts to an eGift Card of her choice

These two things combined create a feeling of genuine appreciation in your swim coach. 

It only takes a few minutes to complete the two steps above. Here are the steps to get it done:

  1. Provide the swim coach’s details (name, email) you appreciate (you can appreciate up to 5 at a time) and the date you want them notified of the gift.
  2. Write a note, and upload an optional photo or video.
  3. Provide a gift balance – which is also optional, BTW. 
  4. Checkout

That’s it. 

BONUS TIME: Consider making it a group gift with a single click. 

If you just had a fast and great experience gifting swim coach gifts, why not consider making it a group gift

Imagine a quick text message (or email): 

Hey there, I just used this excellent service called The Appreciation Company to write coach [name] a note and give a gift balance. Consider using it as well. It made my life easier, and I thought I’d pass it along: [link]. 

Well… that’s precisely what we are here for. And our service creates that link for you. 

Why make it a group gift? 

  1. Be a hero to other parents. You just found an experience that worked for you. Save other parents (mostly moms, really) time and energy.
  2. Help your swim coach get gifts that she wants (and needs). 
  3. There is ZERO risk – feeling appreciated is always received well.
  4. Help a small business – because that is what we are. 

Finally, consider this: 

Swimming is both an individual sport and a team sport. Given that she is coaching a team, bringing the other parents together to appreciate her efforts reinforces her purpose for coaching a team. 

Specifically, swim coach gifts from the team are unique because they are from the group. 

Swim team means more than just having fun. It also reflects what the coach is teaching the swimmers as a group, including sportsmanship, camaraderie, and having fun as a team. 

Just one note of appreciation is impactful. Now think about the immense meaning of personal notes from multiple athletes and parents.

Since coaches bond with the team and the players, seeing the group’s messages creates a collective emotion that reinforces her purpose. 

Recap on Swim Coach Gifts

What gift should I get my swim coaches?

Give your swim coaches the feeling of appreciation.

Express your gratitude in a carefully written note telling her that she made an impact and give her a gift card balance that she can convert to a merchant of her choice. 

Finding the perfect gifts for your swim coach can be a challenge. However, our online service makes organizing group gifts with other parents easy, so you don’t have to worry about finding something alone. 

How do you say thank you to the swimming coach?

Thanking your child’s swimming coach is a great way to show appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Here are some sentence prompts:

  • Was there a unique skill or technique taught that made a difference? 
  • Did a specific lesson, practice, or meet stand out for your swimmer?
  • Was something said during practice that was meaningful or stood out?
  • How did the coach make your swimmer feel?
  • What is different at the end of the season compared to the beginning of the swim season?

What do you get for a coach’s gift?

Give the gift of feeling appreciated. Get Started Now.

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