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Low-Effort Easter Gifts For Teachers That They’ll Love

Nothing says “Happy Easter, Teacher!” like an Easter-themed t-shirt, mug, or basket of candy, right?


There are much better gifts to give your children’s teacher and/or staff for Easter. Gifts that are more usable and valuable to teachers and require less effort from you to put together.

We get it. Choosing the perfect Easter gift for your favorite teacher can be a challenging task.

Why is it challenging? Because you want to find a gift that your teacher will really like. Secondly, you want to find something that doesn’t take a ton of time, energy, or money to identify, purchase, and delivery.

Deciding on the ideal present for a beloved teacher may be daunting. But it can be done. And done in a way that causes you much less stress than putting together something highly themed or personalized.

No matter what kind of gift you’re looking for or what your budget is, this post has everything you need to make this Easter season extra special for your special teacher.

Table of Contents:

Is it Customary to Give Easter Gifts to Teachers?

What Teachers Actually Want For Easter

Recap of Best Easter Gifts for Teachers

Is it Customary to Give Easter Gifts to Teachers?

Not always. Every school is different. And even within schools, every teacher is different.

For some schools, Easter is not typically a time when teachers receive gifts. For other schools, especially those with religious leanings, Easter is absolutely a time of celebration and observation.

At schools that do celebrate Easter openly, some teachers may not prefer to designate classroom time to have an Easter party. Other teachers, on the other hand, might prefer a classroom-specific celebration.

Furthermore, even if teachers do have a classroom celebration, Easter gifts for teachers may be slightly frowned upon.

The gift giving culture at one school may welcome small gifts for teachers year round. In contrast, another school may discourage teacher gifts until the end of the school year. There might even be a suggested limit for the amount of money families spend on teacher gifts.

Before you put in the effort to put together a gift for a teacher, know the rules, both implicit and explicit, about giving gifts to teachers. Consult the school administration, PTA, and other parents for clarity.

Easter Gifts for Teachers that They Actually Want

Cash and Gift Cards as Easter Gifts for Teachers

Gift cards and cash are not just great options for teachers during the Easter season. These are the perfect gifts.

They provide a practical way to show appreciation without having to guess at what type of physical gift the teacher might like.

Gift cards allow teachers the freedom to use that cash balance wherever they like. For example, gift cards can be used for anything from groceries, clothing, books, or coffee or lunch out with friends.

Cash is also an appreciated gift as it allows teachers to use it however they wish. Remember, we’re in an age of record high teacher burnout rates. Cash can help take a bit of pressure off of teachers, whether they spend it on necessities or a treat for themselves.

Not sure if cash is okay to give as an Easter gift for teachers? We wrote a whole blog answering that question.

Personal Notes of Appreciation

Heartfelt notes of appreciation are another great option that shows your gratitude in a personal way.

Teachers have told us again and again that they much prefer personal, heartfelt notes to any other type of gift.

Heartfelt notes can come in a variety of formats: handwritten cards, DIY cards from your kids, a group card signed by the entire class, an email, an ecard, or something else.

Not sure what to write in your personal note? Our blog of sentence-starters will help.

For now, below are some tips to help you and your kids write something meaningful to your special teacher.

  • Write something specific about how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication throughout the school year.
  • If you have multiple children in one class, consider writing individual notes so each teacher knows how much they mean to your family.
  • Mention a favorite memory of the class so far, inside classroom jokes, or what specifically (subject matter-related or emotional intelligence/character-related) your child has learned from the teacher.

DIY Gifts

Unique Easter gifts such as DIY projects are perfect for younger students who want to make something special for their teachers.

While DIY projects or crafts might seem chaotic and messy, they don’t have to be. My family and I prefer no-muss, no-fuss craft projects for teacher gifts.

That’s why we created thumbprint art. These are free, holiday-themed printables that you and your kids can decorate and give as Easter gifts to teachers.

Thumbprint art is another perfect gift. Why? Because they require little effort on your end, they’re free, and they demonstrate that you dedicated time and effort to making your teacher feel special.

For older students looking for something more meaningful than store, DIY gifts are still a great option. Consider creating an Easter basket filled with school supplies or treats like peanut butter eggs and banana bread cookies that can be shared among classmates.

A note of caution about putting together a gift basket for teachers. Before you buy anything, make sure you know the products that your teachers like and use.

Peanut butter eggs may be delicious to you, but what if your teacher is allergic to them? What if they’re on a diet, or have kids or pets at home who could get into them and be harmed?

Additionally, purchasing school supplies is considerate. But if you don’t know the brands that your teachers use, you could end up purchasing supplies that just end up taking space in a closet or desk.

Key Takeaway: This Easter season, show your appreciation for teachers with meaningful gifts such as gift cards and cash, heartfelt notes of gratitude, DIY projects from younger students or DIY gift baskets tailored specifically to your teacher’s preferences.

Recap of Best Easter Gifts for Teachers

As Easter approaches, here are a few things to remember when it comes to Easter gifts for teachers:

  • Know your school’s explicit rules of gift giving to teachers, as well as the implicit gift giving culture of your specific teacher and classroom.
  • The best way to show appreciation for teachers is with gift cards they can use at their discretion, cash gifts, and heartfelt notes of appreciation.
  • Avoid giving well-meaning, but typically unwanted items, such as mugs, candy, or figurines. Instead, give your teacher an easter gift they truly want and will appreciate–a thoughtful gesture that shows you care.

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If you’re in charge of organizing a teacher gift, check out our free guide. It provides tips, templates, and timelines based on my family’s real-life experience organizing many a teacher gift. This guide will make your life easier.

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