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Real World Example (video): Hassles Organizing a Group Gift

The hassles of coordinating a group gift are real. My friend Daniel and I spoke candidly about the stress he’s under to organize a gift for his son’s wrestling coach.

Daniel explained in his own words the challenges he faced with group gifting and what he hoped the Appreciation Company might do to address the specific challenges he faced. 

He was surprised and delighted that we at The Appreciation Company understood his pain and could resolve the exact challenges he was facing.

Hassles Daniel Faced When Choosing a Group Gift:

  1. First, he has to coordinate with other parents, he doesn’t know all that well, except that they all have a common interest in their sons’ wrestling.
  2. Second, there’s deciding on what gift to get her. Hard to do when he doesn’t know her preferences that well.
  3. Third, Daniel has to set a budget for that gift.
  4. Finally, he’s faced with collecting money. This is always a slightly (or very) awkward task.

I’d suggest that the challenges are similar, whether one is organizing for a wrestling coach, a teacher, or any other coach. 

Topics Covered in Our Conversation about Organizing a Group Gift for Wrestling Coaches

0:09: Why Daniel Wants to Find a Meaningful Gift For His Son’s Wrestling Coach

0:36: Challenges of Organizing a Group Gift

1:29: The Awkward and Annoying Task of Collecting Money From Parents

2:32: It’s Time to Change the Way We Organize Group Gifts

2:57: Impactful Gifts for Wrestling Coaches

3:57: The Financial and Time Stress of Organizing a Group Gift

4:49: How The Appreciation Company Works

6:51: What Coaches Truly Want to Receive

8:44: The Impact of Personal Notes

10:21: The New Era of Organizing Group Gifts

A conversation about organizing a group gift for a wrestling coach.

How The Appreciation Company Resolves Daniel’s Challenges?

  1. Our online platform removes the requirement to select a gift up-front. With The Appreciation Company, the recipient, in this case, his son’s wrestling coach, chooses what she wants.
  2. Daniel doesn’t have to set a budget. The platform welcomes people to contribute money to a gift card balance, which the coach then converts into a gift card of her choosing. This way, Daniel won’t be on the hook to make up the difference should he not collect enough money for a gift with a set price. Also, all money is donated anonymously. If a parent can’t or doesn’t want to contribute more than a certain amount, there is no guilt or shame involved.
  3. Daniel doesn’t have to collect any money. Our solution does that for him.

For more on why our digital group gifting process is easier than doing it the old way, check out our post, Why a Digital Group Gift? The Pros and Cons.

Organizing a Group Gift In The Future?

If you are considering organizing a group gift for a teacher, a coach, or anyone else in your life, consider downloading our guide on How to Organize a Group Gift Like a Boss below – this is a handy guide if you are going to do it on your own or with The Appreciation Company. 

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